Ranked: I cannot win a game.

So far i have 3 wins in 15 games. And my kdr is bad or at best below average. Yet, statistics can genuinely be deceiving as to what you did in the game. I don't know what it is with ranked but nobody that i play with seems to play the champions that they know well. Just I had a tf that went 0/8 against pantheon and just kept on feeding from that point on. When I look at his mastery champions,twisted fate isn't even in the box. I checked all my teammates from my games and most of them played champions that are not familar with. It's almost the same story every game: I do well in lane, get ahead and because mid, top and jungler have no pressure, the enemy team just groups up at bot and keeps ganking until they get me. I've had plenty of midlaners/toplaners in those 15 games who just feed incredibly hard because they barely played the champion. And before any of those who read type: Yes, It's pointless to focus on what isn't your own gameplay. And I actually do that in game and try and learn from my mistakes. It's not that I refuse to believe that i can't improve. And i know what my weaknesses are and because I know that, I try to improve on those weak points. Ever since yesterday, i looked at what i was doing wrong, went into normal draft and only lost 2 games (adc wise) of the ten. And had great scores for most of those games. And honestly, I didn't change anything about the way that I play. i'm careful and I don't go in unless I know I'll survive and can DPS safely. In normal draft, people feed maybe 0/3 - 0/5 and then it just stops and i have the ability to carry the game. Obvioulsy, there was a bad game here and there where they fed WAY too hard and i couldn't win it. But mostly, people cooperated with me and teamfought relatively well. But in ranked you'd expect people to play their best champion in their respective roles. But for some reason, people play champions they barely play (most people), they feed incredibly hard and want to surrender ar 20. I know that i'm not perfect: I can be too overagressive with my E (lucian) and I at times missclick when I kite. But honestly, none of those things have ever impacted a game so drastically. I'm not excusing my flaws. I'm working on them as I type and the reason why i was doing so well in draft is because I'm learning from my mistakes from previous games. But I just don't understand why i have such great success in terms of my own gameplay and have such a great team in draft whereas in ranked I have teammates who never seem to go stalemate at the worst and just keep feeding consistently and don't give me a chance to snowball my lead. The obvious reason might be because I'm playing my main champion in draft and know how to punish mistakes. But i did the same thing in Ranked and outplayed the MF in the laning phase despite the fact she got an early first blood on the jungle (them invades though). I know it sounds very stereotypical and it sounds as if I'm in denial but it just seems like my teammates in ranked are far worse than in draft.
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