For Riot and All her Toxic Players

Hello Riot, The first day I start playing league. I remember like it's yesterday. My friend came to my place and said:"Check this new awesome game!". We started to play with all the struggles of lots of deaths and the happiness of our first kills. We made it to Level 30 and started to play ranked. My friend quit playing because all of the toxic people. I continued and a lots of times I swallowed my pride and try to find the pleasure I had in this game when I started. Middle in Season 5 I Quit Playibg League because of a terrible situation at home. After I accepted the fact my mother never come back, I try to find comfort in playing league again. But unfortunatly this didn't worked well. With all my experience I tried to help others (And myself) to get out of the "elohell". But these new players rather flame then listen. I really lost my pleasure in game. When people started curse with Cancer. I can't hear that word anymore. Unfortunatly that is the first thing they say. Like it's funny to say. Like you tell me to do I report them, but never seen messages that they got punished, while I've seen several messages by some friends that report people. The worst thing I might said was Shut the fuck up -> Stfu. Because people cursing with Cancer, %%%got, %%%%%% or Tell me to die or they feed intentionally, steal farm on purpose or keep pinging. Still I told them they did a good job when they did. Unfortunatly you changed the punishment rules in patchnote 5.10 that allows you to permanent ban me after 3 punishments. I've sent a lot of tickets to the support but never got one reasonable answer to my biggest question; What did I really do that toxic I deserve a permanent ban? If I was toxic I accepted this Permanent Ban, but this isn't fair at all. That it keeps me thinking about it all the time. The biggest question I had was; Why would these flamers flame like that? I had several answers and have some great ideas to improve the games health. For me it's unfortunatly too late but I hope the new players that are victims of negative behaviour like me this will help. 1. 4v5 games People play good and then suddenly some one disconnect and your team won't surrender because it's ranked. So you have to "waste" your time to tryhard the game. But at the end you're still empty handed. If you go AFK too you got punished too. My solution for this frustration is; Give the leaver 5 minutes to come back, after those 5 minutes. He got punished. And everyone is able to leave the game without punishment and the oppurtunity to start a new game. The team that wins gather a full win (18-22LP), but the losing team (4 players) lose a view LP (3 - 6). This will make people less frustrated about the time they "Lost" 2. Intentional Feeders One of the biggest concern of League of Legends. You all start the game with the intention to win the game. We all want the 20 min victory. Some players can't handle when they have to play longer because some things won't go like they think it should go. To rush the "victory" of the opponent they start feeding. So they can start another ranked game as soon as possible. Or they just like to troll a ranked game because they got 0 LP. My Solution for this Problem; To "ban" people that die too much times or have such a low KDA in an X amount of time for 1 ranked game. For Example a player got 11 death in 20 minutes or KDA 0.1. These players were intentional feeding or just have such a bad game they shouldn't play ranked. To force them playing a normal draft. They might improve there plays or they stop playing for the day. This makes the Ranked Games more Healthy and make sure no one will intentional feed to rush the opponents victory. Because they can't play a new ranked after that game. 3. No communication and Lost in Champion Select. In the lower divisions no one talks to each other. The swap function is only used between premades and people random ban some champions that they think it's annoying. The pickorders are random. So it can happen that team Blue got Mid/Adc as the two first picks while Red side got Suppory and Toplane first. So the two damages deals of Team Blue will be counter picked by Team Red. In the Higher divisions I'm sure it doesn't matter (because there skill brought them to the higher divisions). But the low division players can't play against there counters that is why they low division. So you can lose games in champion select this way. My Solution; To make a fair game and make it good to swap. I say Riot should lock the pick orders. The order of roles still can be random but for both teams it's should be the same. So you know wich lanes you can counter pick and wich lanes you might should ban your counters. Also the swap function will be really nice to use to "outplay" the opponent and not reveal your important damage dealers. So Riot will Stimulate communication! I got more Ideas, But I think this post is already too long to read. So If you're interested I will post my other ideas later. Thanks for reading and I'm curious to hear your reactions, DennisjeP
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