Real life fines ?

Hallo guys & Rioters, It has been about 5 months since my account got permantly banned and to be honest,i managed to take a 4month break from lol.Something that I was really need because i was playing really much in past.In this point i would like to add one of my thoughts tho: I am thinking of new programme that gonna help people who deeply understand their mistakes and reform themselfs.I am sure that now I belong to a small % of those people who really reformed themselfs from what kind of flamers they where,I know that normal people like every single one of us cant check if an account gets reports for flame or honors for 'tilt-proof'/'great shot calling' etc but Rioters trully can.So am wondering if Riot could do an update like: Once a person from a permantly banned account shows a 'new' face he could be able to pay with real life money and get his account back,of course this cant happend many times because it's obvious that a rich boy could flame 24/7 and still play with the same account.But it would be a nice idea to have 1 or the most 2 times the chance to pay some money and play again with your account.I know this sounds for people who are not toxic a little bit dangerous because a lot of toxic people would be able to get back their accounts and start again flame but i have a great idea for this.Those accounts would be in thin ice and any unsportamanlike behavior could lead them to ban.I deeply think that this way many REFORMED people could be able to get their accounts back and play again.Hope you guys will think about as a new window for all those reformed people and not as something that gonna realise the toxic monsters. Thanks for your time,

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