smaller same thread : -------------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday i got punished for having (according to riot) extremely offensive and negative chat. then i went to email to view my chat logs but it didnt show any chatlogs. so i logged in again in my client to see the reform card and the chat. i saw completely nothing offensive or negative in my chat and my punishment seemed like a joke. so i made the following thread and i posted the chat log from the "copy chat log" button that exists in the reform card. this is the only screenshot i got to prove some of it. i hope you will believe me because i can no longer prove it more than this. only riot can post my chat logs again. ( there are some guys who can confirm what i say, the ones who saw that thread yesterday. unfortunately my email link that shows that i had no chat logs is now replaced with the new email with the new ban. i will explain it further below). if you see the chat logs you will see that my punishment was very controversial. the worst thing that i had say was saying "muted" once to the 3 players that were flaming me. Anyway, today, (one day later) after i had spent hours in forums trying to understand what i did wrong and to prove that i didnt deserve punishment, i logged into again to my account to play some games. after reading so many threads in forums and especially in player behavior section, it was very clear to me that saying anything in chat can get you punished. so i forced myself to start saying nothing at all in games except gl hf, gj, wp, and gg wp. And with this attitude i got into a total of 4 games today. But just as soon my last game ended and i was in a champion selection for a 5th game, suddenly a message poped saying that my account was banned for 2 weeks. i cant believe this. just yesterday i received a punishment with some joke chat logs which are not yet confirmed that are not a mistake from riot support page (ofc i send a ticket), and in less than 24 hours (having played only 4 from the 25 chat restriceted games), im receiving 14 days ban on my account ? i went to my email again to see the chat logs. LOOK : BUT THIS IS A GAME FROM MY PREVIOUS PUNISHMENT. LOOK HOW MUCH I TYPE. HOW CAN I HAVE TYPED SO MUCH WITH MY CHAT BAN ? that was a game i had play 2 days ago!!! so you realize im freaking out here. i now logged in the client to see the reform card too. BUT THE REFORM CARD HAS AN EXTRA CHAT LOG FROM A TODAYS GAME (one of the 4 games i played) BUT SEE WHAT I SAID :( ) Game 2 DarkBillyBoy: good luck and have fun everyone :) DarkBillyBoy: lag DarkBillyBoy: you will do what leblanc ? DarkBillyBoy: am i ? DarkBillyBoy: ok then i guess i am DarkBillyBoy: good game well played everyone :) IS THIS SOME KING OF APRIL FOOLS JOKE ? BECAUSE ITS NOT 1ST OF APRIL YET. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE. in my chatlog 2 i mention a leblanc. look in my match history ( ) that the only leblanc i have in my games is in my last game! in my chatlog 1 i mention a singed and a twisted fate that flame me. if you look again my match history you will see that its my 5th game from the end, which is the last game i had play after which i had receive the 25 chat restricted games punishment. I HAD SENT A REPORT TO RIOT SUPPORT 2 DAYS AGO FOR MY 1ST PUNISHMENT BECAUSE IT SEEMED UNJUSTIFIED BECAUSE I NEVER FLAMED ANYONE. STILL NO RESPONSE. NOW I RECEIVE 2 WEEKS BAN ON MY ACCOUNT IN JUST 24 HOURS BASED ON 2 GAMES. THE 1ST GAME WAS PLAYED BEFORE EVEN MY PREVIOUS PUNISHMENT, AND THE 2ND GAME HAS THE ABOVE CHATLOG I COPY PASTED. READ IT AND YOU WILL LAUGH TRUST ME. BUT I DONT LAUGH. I CRY!!!
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