I am tired of seing different variations of the same 10 champions in every single game...

I am sure you have noticed that currently arround ~10 champs are being played considering there are well over 100 in the game. This is soo annoying and boring. I am suck of it , I play like 4 matches and it feels like I have played different variations of one match - its always the same champions but sometimes on the different teams. Toplane is going to be one of these {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} The Adcarry will be {{champion:67}} ... honestly I think Vayne is the most played adcarry , I am sick of seing her in EVERY single game. The support will be a {{champion:412}} 95% of the time , he is the "Vayne" of supports ... hes in every game. Midlane will be a {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} most of the times. Jungler will be eighter {{champion:60}} or{{champion:64}} ... diversity ... what is that and where can I buy some... This is soo boring , I have to pick a champion for a lane knowing I will be against one of those rathar than picking a champion I want to. This is extremely boring and frustrating. -------------------------------------- Oh I forgot to add that with all the unoriginal Worlds copycats now we'll see Hecarim in every game aswell. #originality
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