Oh the Flame...

Just came out of a game where I got the blame for two of my teammates dying because I went the long way round, in case the enemy Yasuo decided to run down the way. I got the kill in the end and I was the adc. If I went the direction they were heading in anyway I would have died also, due to the fact he had his windwall up. So, after this happened the Warwick on my team decides to flame me for the rest of the game, even though the Twisted Fate (who was the other person who got killed) said nothing at all. They were constantly calling me a "retard" and asked if i was "deaf". (To which I responded "the correct term would be blind as I am reading what you are saying not listening to it." < This is in no way insulting them, I was just correcting his mistake.) Someone in my team told them to stop flaming to which they replied "im not flaming just wondering what he is thinking" (after calling me a retard countless times) I then typed in chat "she*" to again correct them as I am not a "he". They then went onto say "its not flaming cuz he is one" and before I could even again correct them to tell them that I am a girl my internet decided to cut off kicking me out of the game. To top it all off I didn't get the chance to report this player for their insults, as when I logged back in I was put onto the home page. If anyone who works for Riot can see this I hope that you can possibly do something about this player, as I didn't get the chance to send my report and it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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