I want permanent ban

In-game my name is The S1ash on the EUNE server. and I want permanent ban. I know I can't get riot to give me my money back for all the skins and stuff but I want a permanent ban. I hate this community. I used to have fun playing league but the more I played I felt like I am getting toxic, the community was more and more toxic. So after a year or so I decided to stop playing. I stopped and few times when my friends told me to play with them I went. 1 out of 6 matches I did not leave. The game is not good anymore. The champions used to be balanced when there was no Zoe to oneshot everyone. When there was not assassins meta = League of Oneshots. The game is bad now. And whenever I start the game alone I leave every match after about 10 minutes because the community pushes to me towards this decision. So I want permanent ban so I cannot ruin any more games, so I cannot make any more people angry with me, so I cannot spend any more money on this game. It is addicting as hell to spend money but I have spent over $300 (I think) on league and I regret every penny of it. Writing this I am crying over spilled milk I know. But my request is for riot games one simple button click. So please do it. End my suffering. I must not ever return to this game. Thank you Toxic Player, The S1ash, EUNE
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