How can I prevent myself from tilting due to bad players?

Recently, I've had an awful losestreak. I'm currently hard-stuck Silver 3/4 and a majority of the games I play, there's always one bad player that completely ruins the game. For example, I've had a game where pre-champ select, our adc said that they were autofilled as one. I knew how to play ADC so I ask "Do you want to swap then? You can go top." They rejected that offer and I was like 'oh, okay. No problem, they'll probably just stick with their support.' They proceed to pick {{champion:145}} and we start off the game. In my lane, I was a {{champion:122}} going against a {{champion:17}} and I effectively curbstomp my lane forcing him to swap out with their Annie support botside, and I proceed to curbstomp her. However, things in the midlane weren't going too well for our {{champion:112}} and so I tell him to rotate top because even with his 1/3 disadvantage, Annie was 1/2 so the fight was roughly even. The enemy's {{champion:91}} was way more difficult to deal with than I imagined, but with the coordination from the jungle and support, we manage to take him down a few times (although we lost more fights than we won against him since he just snowballed). There was this one instance where the jungle, support and myself attempt to contest drake because they had scuttle but Jax was topside and the only people in bot were an{{champion:22}} and the main man himself, Talon. I thought "Okay cool, we can have Kai'sa come up and help take this drake because if they try to fight, it's a 4v2 and even with Talon's gold and kill-lead, he can get cc'ed by the {{champion:111}} and {{champion:201}}. Fast forward to us engaging on the drake, and Kai'sa was still botside farming. Even with our constant pings for assistance and even typing to her asking for help, she still decides to AFK farm and does nothing, causing her to die by the Ashe and Teemo (who ran down bot once we were engaging the Ocean Drake) and for all three of us to die by Jax (who recalled and went down to help take Drake) Talon and Annie, with Ashe and Teemo coming back up once the Kai'Sa got killed. So it quickly turned from a 4v2 situation where we had the absolute means to steal drake and come out on top without any deaths to a 5v3 situation because our ADC didn't adhere to the pings. Now understandably, we should've just backed the moment we didn't see the Kai'Sa coming up to help, but we were already committed (by this time he was half-health and we hoped that we could get it low enough for Nautilus to smite) and it just sort of spiralled downwards from there. Fast forward to an absolute beauty of a teamfight where we kill off everyone but their Annie in the top-side river and considering their respawn timer (most of them were around 30-35 secs) we immediately pinged Baron and decided to engage (with Naut, myself and Kai'Sa at full health, while Viktor and Braum were half). We didn't learn our lesson with the drake however as Kai'Sa decides to siege the Tier 1 mid turret, and even after taking it, still decides to farm even when we pinged again. She then proceeds to die to the respawn Talon and we lose both Baron and the entire team. The enemy team then proceeds to curbstomp us (even with their Annie, Teemo and Jax being behind, we were just even more behind) and crush the game with only 1 objective lost to them. Post-game, and the Kai'Sa finally speaks and all she says is "I told you I got autofilled." Now I would like to say this before ending this post, I'm asking how to prevent myself from tilting because of players like this because I realize the reason why I'm hard-stuck isn't just because of my teammates. Sometimes, I'm that person that completely loses their lane and we lose because of it, causing my teammates to flame (mainly jungle) and the game to tilt everyone. I want to both A. avoid being tilted because of things like this, both my own faults and my teammates and B. do my best to catch up even when I lose the lead. I understand that the ability to not get tilted isn't a 'one shoe fits all' idea, but I would really appreciate any methods or lessons I can ingest to help start that process of not losing my cool. Thanks all and apologies for the long post. Side-note, I would like to ask everyone's opinion (both higher ranked players and Silvers like me) what they think about Silver ELO. Granted the furthest I got was Silver 1 promos and I lost every single one of them because of issues like the one I'm posting about.
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