I am Reformed.

Greetings Everyone! I am a league player and have been for many years. A few years ago I was experiencing a lot of chat restrictions, and temporary bans, Which later followed up with a permanent ban towards my main account. At that time I was very upset, angry, and disappointed. The amount of effort and money put into an account for many years went down the drain due to my stupidity. The account had many champions, perhaps 500$ worth of skins, and was truly a great account. After receiving the permanent ban, I had quite league of legends for a few years or so and have recently returned with a sense of nostalgia for the game I used to play in the past. I recently levelled up an account to 30, and have been enjoying the game with a lot less flame activity from my part. Despite having a few toxic episodes, I truly am reformed. I experience less anger and less tendency to insult and degrade others. Nowadays I am more inclined to help a struggling player rather than to flame him down. I would like to ask if there is any way at all to retrieve the old account I once used to play on when I was at a much younger age. I truly miss my old account that I spent so much time on, and I will appreciate it even if a permanent mute or some sort of precaution has to be implemented upon it. I would also like to see the opinion of the public. Feel free to vote on the pole :) Thanks, and Regards. Papa Bless.
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