A little thing to keep in mind of not to get ahead of yourself [Year in review]

I don't know where else to really put this, i would put it under feedback of some sorts but instead i'll formulate it in to player behaviour. I attached an image in which you can see that i as a jungler- Apparrently, as a gold player, has almost better statistics than challenger junglers in everything. It almost seems unrealistic, but i want to point it out that while the statistics most likely aren't even flawed, your own interpretation and reasoning taken from it most likely will be. If you look at these statistics and think to yourself ''Man, i'm as good if not even better than challengers in my role! Why the hell am i in gold!?'', you are not understanding why challengers have lesser statistics than you do. Here are but a few of many reasons that the statistics can show what they do: - Playing a carry jungler, while in challenger/higher ELO there are more tank junglers - Higher elos are more likely to only output damage when it's needed and will benefit. They have precise calculations to know what to do and when. This means they won't waste abilities or make ganks that don't matter as much as yours will, despite you ending up dealing some extra damage while wasting that gank. - Higher elos are generally harder to gank and even in teamfights will have superior positioning, making damage output significantly harder in the first place. - Buying items to serve protection or utility over raw damage Now, when you take all of that in to account, suddenly the statistics aren't very impressive, but instead understandable. I just want to share this because you can give yourself a confirmation bias and mislead yourself or intentionally use it as a defence or show-off to somebody, when in reality it may not matter as much as it seem.
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