Account Locked!

Hi how are you everyone ,Now i know a lot of people got this problem just like i did but Riot why? I mean why did you lock my account for nothing i did nothing at all, on the 26th of September I logged in my account played a couple of games lost all of them and logged out of my account, on the next day I logged in my account like any other day and suddenly my account was locked. Like i never got boosted, made a bad behaviour and I spent a lot of money on this game, I nearly got all the champs and I'm tryharding to get out of elo hell and I've been playing this game for 6+ years. This is ridiculous Riot tho i sent a ticket to your support and nobody replied to it, and you wasted my weekend for nothing but thinking if I'm going to get back my account or not after all these years of playing your game! I hope a Rioter will read it and make something about my account, guys i swear i love your game and i would never or ever did anything wrong in this community i don't deserve this, tho I'm not asking for sympathy **I'M JUST ASKING FOR MY ACCOUNT!**
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