Banned for defending a fellow player?

_So, i'm just off of a 120 game ranked ban (its insane, i know!) and i get into a game of ranked after so long away... Things seem to be going fine until our mid laner pulls the "ADC go afk, you're not worth being in league" card. The ADC accepts the challenge and no longer participates. Now, having been in this situation myself i step up and try to defend my fellow player, i TRY to coax the player back by asking about the build and by verbally slapping the mid laner who has an abhorrent attitude issue with anyone who does not play like the lovechild of Faker and Trick2g. I barely say anything worthy of a suspension (alright, i was a little flamboyant with my language, but we're all adults... that or some of these kids need serious language lessons with a bar of soap and thier mouth) and at the end of the game LITERALLY a second after i'm back in the queue i'm alerted that i have a 12 day suspension and that the "tribunal" has deemed me too toxic Riot The Tribunal is supposed to be for our peers to find us guilty or not, this current system is too harsh when it kicks us down without taking the context into it. The copy and paste "SUCKS TO BE YOU SCRUB!" replies are only going to push the better portion of the game community away i suspect_
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