Is the report system even worth relying on ?

So i just played my 2nd ranked game as Xin Zhao with a Rumble mid against a Veigar. I ganked mid and to cut of his esccape path i slowed Veigar with my E and Chilling smite and got the kill in the process (Note that this is just 4 lvls in game). Rumble got angry for it and started to intentionally feed , diving turrets again and again as soon as he respawns feeding Veigar to hell. To top that, the enemy Veigar starts to support his intentional act to fool the report system and even though the only thing i said the entire game was "Forget it he is trolling now" i got reported. You can verify it from the replay. Now RIOT games. May i please ask if the tribunal will take act against these 2 griefers who ruined the entire game for 8 other people or would it wait till they are allowed to go on a rampage again and again ? I know the system works by evaluating multiple games but if someone ruins 1 game intentionally while accepting it in the chat Why is no action taken against him ? Its not like its a subconcious act , its intentional and meant to ruin the game for everyone else associated with that particular game. [redacted] will all due respect, take an action against intentional feeders on the very first time they are reported and then convicted of being an inter or else just throw away the report system. Its useless if it doesnt help.
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