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Conrgratilations , you have no idea how to deal with your community . All does % you give about summoner code and respecting it means nothing , based purely on the illusion you all live . This game have the worst community in the games industry and you go on suspending the ones that actually want to play and climb while people that go 0 10 in the first 5 minutes of the game keep are allowed to keep "playing" . You have no clue on how to punish players fairly all u do is program a bot to respond to reports made by 0 20 premades how have 0 knowledge about game or objectivity . In first place i won my placements with 8 - 2 and i get bronzed , which is remarkble , second i have to be qeued with someone that says surr in champions select , premades that look in malzhar and ziggs bot , because they saw it somewhere regardless if they actually know how to play , that die all time after spawn , making themselves a gold income for enemy and nothing happen to them , yes , nothing , cuz even tho you report someone for intentional feed or just dying 20 times in a game , those players never get ban from playing rank , and i even have to ear them tell me what and how i should play , even tho they with 36 farm at 40 minutes game and 0 20 , and just because i call some of them useless i get 14 days ban ? Joke , your tribunal doesn't work , and when it does , is a auto bot , that knows nothing but what a pre duo feed says . You'r % means nothing , the comunitty is toxic as when i start to play and ur game is still worst in terms of communitty . Instead of using tips like "it takes x amount of hours to go from a base to other base using flash" do soemthing usefull once in your life , who cares about how much time u take from fountain to fountain using flash , and who in the world though people wanted to know taht and actually stay there calculating taht . Teach people something usefull like transition from early to mid and late game , rotations and objectives and if people dont want to learn them ok , but suspend them from ranks at least . dont go on and banning people that actually want to play your game the way you created to be played . I didnt verbal abused no one , and by suspending me you just supporting this millenial snowflakes that can't stand any kinda of critizesm and even encourging them to stay the way they are . Keep wasting time making champions like ivern , and maybe use the bush to hide yourselfs , for some of you may be the only bush you ever enter . Peace
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