Is it just bad luck or intentional?

I'm in my promos to gold, 2 games lost so far. 1st game, have thresh go afk as soon after dieing first in lane. Game 2, akali goes top. Yeah, not even an OTP or anything, just a guy who decides a champ thats quite difficult to master considering that even I can't play akali for the games I played with her. We had no tank and I didn't know what top was picking so I just locked in Diana. How fair is it to get these kind of players especially in ranked promos, like this isn't even the first time happening. This is my 3rd time coming up to the promos, clearly I'm coming up to them because I'm not doing that bad, right? Oh, yeah. Let's not forget the gold 4 rank is full of these "It's just a game", "Why do you care?". Like these kinds of people are just full on tilters, don't play ranked if you are gonna be such an asshole about people tryharding in a competitive mode EDIT: Lost promos because our leona and morgana were apparently streaming and my diana got sniped by enemy heimerdinger.
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