Opinions about Gold

I had fun playing untill I got to silver 1. I had extreme trouble reaching the promotion for Gold because of my team mates. So much flame. So toxic. So many people losing their lanes with scores going up to 3-15 in mid lane. Junglers who are never ready to do dragon and supports who never take the effort to ward it. Before I got in silver 1 I was playing about 9 games a day, winning 7 and losing 2. Since silver 1 that dropped to winning 4 and losing 4 a day. I did the promotion for Gold and lost hard because of people going afk, trollpicking, etc. I win my lane wether I have to play Mid, Top, Supp or Adc and I'm doing even better when playing jungle. But right now I just lost the 3rd game today. So far 2 wins and 3 loses today. This making me feel terrible and I don't know what to do about it. I try to communicate, I don't flame, I even buy a sightstone if I see our support refuses to do it himself. What more can I do? Before I got in silver 1 the teams where communicating and playing together to get objectives. But when my loading screen showed that I was playing with 4 gold players and I was the only 1 in silver it started getting worse and worse. In my opinion players in Gold 5 seem incredibly arrogant. Somehow they think they've reached the top by getting Gold this seasons and there is just no talking to them. I just had a gold player who trollpicked Yashuo mid as last pick and that was actually the guy who went 3-15 mid. What can I do? My ratio is dropping so fast. I had 62+ % win ratio on all my ranked games yesterday and I'm already down to 60% or lower. I want to climb. And even though I feel terrible right now, Never forget, League is love, League is life.
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