Some players abuse inters, and it is sad

Hullo everyone, ######Every time I start another discussion with 'hullo everyone' on boards, I feel more and more awkward. So during my last game ADC of my team decided to intentionally feed (well, nothing special and nothing new, got used to that), but the thing that made me sad was behaviour of my lane opponent. Thanks to good jungler, I was winning an early lane phase, not dominating just having a slight lead. Then the enemy laner asked our ADC to come to my lane and let him get some kills. Jinx did that and he abused that getting a lead. The saddest part was, that from the rest of the game I could easily say that he was way better player than me. He would win it anyway. The only difference would be maybe me getting one more kill, or maybe getting a tower, or maybe nothing would change. Should behaviour like this be penalized also? I mean, it is abusing the fact that someone does brake the rules. Best Regards, McGalakar

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