Toxic. Wait. What?!

Hello. So first let me say; I'm sorry for my bad eng. I'm a beginner {{sticker:sg-soraka}} So let me tell you what happend me today. I was playing Lissandra mid. My jungle was Kha. All good until here. He ganked me and got a kill. I dont say anything bad about this but I told him something like: _help bot lane or top, I dont need to much help._ He said _ok_ Later in the same game. I recall> going bot to save and def the lane. After I was coming back in to my lane, mid. I pinged once or two times kha for letting my farm because i need that farm. Excuse me if i ask. but he can farm in jungle, right? Ok. After i pinged him he started to say: This lissandra is so toxic. She's so annoying. (WAIT! WHAT?) Attention, please! The whole game i dont say anything to him, excluding this part (help bot lane or top, I dont need to much help) This thing is bothering me because idk how could I can be toxic!? Im toxic if i ping you to let me farm? My farm? Because I ask you to help others because they are behind? After he started to flame Riven, she was top. I writed in chat: Kha stop it already! you are annoying. Kha only blamed her. At the end of the game i reported kha for tilt of the team and flame/no chill player. I dont know, guys but sometimes I'm sick of those players... I try my best to dont fight in chat with them but they broke into pieces your patience. Now, I ask. I was toxic in some mode? probably I'm stupid and i dont get his opinion when he talks about -toxic- topic... I'm missing something? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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