i mean really tho? punisheed for mostly quoting

i was mostly quoting my varus this game cuz he kept flaming since min 1 and then my whole team started going into my jgl and take my camps and emote me then they went 4 top while enemy was taking our inhib tower. then enemy top starts flaming me aand then their jgl and janna while im the only one actually playing the game on my team so i was like 30% wr do you all flame in this elo etc when i said is everyone like this in low elo cuz generally i dont play there. i didn't edit out any words and left all my spelling errors etc XD just editing summoner name out think its insane i got punished from this on a last season honor 4 acc that i havent played this season i mean its only 10chat resc but still annoying for something like that. Game 1 In-Game : <--- : i do need plat 2 flex to plaaay with friends : well thaaat sucks janna waaard : predicted thaat hecaa like a champ : i mean mid/bot haad prio could killed him : ? : you sohuld jsut recall ... : yeah troll by making the right play cuz you dont understand it : sure : omg thhis smurf took 2 cs REEEEE : hes trollign cuz i took 2cs XD : why he sitll my lane reeeeeee : why smurf push my lane omg : reeeeeeee : i love how he calls someone higher elo low elo : so much cc and stealth : hm losisng on msurf in this elo is kindaa sad : oh well cant win with ppl like varus : its oki we can ff aand go next : he deserve it : not my problem :) : ah nice grif : oki :) : at least im not stuck in your rank : so idc : calal me horrible all you wnt will never see you in master so who cares : some giga raandoms opnion lol : oki 4 ppl grifing insane : but can you report these 4 ppl grifing me? : they legit grifing on purpose what you wnt me do XD : stelaaing my hole jgl and emoting me and letitng me die and emopting top instead of definding? : but you 30% wr silver 2? : XDXDXDXD : BUT YOU PEERMA FLAMED SINCE MIN 1 VAARUS? : but you lost top? : you lsot lane on one of the most broken top laners and talak its so insane : this elo is everyone like this holy fk : ?
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