Banned for nothing after 1 game.

I was banned for 2 weeks, a deserved ban due to some flaming etc. However, I come back from my 2 week ban, play 1 game, and get perm banned from that game. Poppy and Vayne were flaming me all game, and vayne told me to "get cancer" this game. But of course i'm the one who gets banned. Have a look at the reform card and see if I deserve it. Keep in mind I was banned for 2 weeks, return to play only 1 game, and get banned solely off this game. I contacted riot support already but got an automated reply it seems, no one will actually look into my account to see what I've done in this 1 game. TLDR: Banned for 2 weeks, play 1 game and get banned straight after. Did nothing wrong in this game.

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