Don't play League when you are drunk or on drugs PLEASE

I've saw it so many times, the player dies by a stupid action like facecheking the bush when a ward is up or by just 1 v 5 into the whole enemy team, than the player says ''Sorri m7 im si drunk'' ... Why would you even play a game when you are drunk? Beeing drunk lowers the reaction time of the person so much, and League of Legends is a game where reaction time are one of the most importand things. Also it isn't healthy for the game when you go 1/11 in lane just because you can't dodge a single Nidalee spear. And there is a friend of mine, everytime he wants to play ranked he is like ''Yo bro , lets rank together'' and when we are 3 minutes into the game he says ''Oh , and i forgot to tell you im high again''. There was just one time where he didn't fed the enemy when he was high, and that was when he was Teemo and the enemy laner a laging Rengar. If it is true and you are drunk or on drugs, DON'T PLAY A GAME LIKE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. Idc if you do it in 1 v 1 with another drunk friend, but please don't do it in 5 v 5, we don't need a drunk Xerath or a drunk Azir in our match. It is just ruining the game experience. You can't tell ingame if somebody is drunk or not, on drugs or not, only the player can tell it, but you can asume that you're team is going to have a bad time when you go with Xerath to the mid-lane while your drunk EDIT:Forgot to mention, im only talking about ranked games
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