Ranks and stuff and their influence on players

I usually don't post but this time I would like to express myself. So people are weird creatures and each of us has a different opinion about things that are happening in League of Legends. Mostly I want to talk about ranks and their influence on others.So let's say you start a game and someone goes to a site to check ranks on his/her team and enemy team.He writes in-game that X player is X rank.This thing can discourage some players. Some people start getting angry to Riot cause they were put against Diamond players while his/her team is full of gold/platinum players. Well If** _I'm_ **against enemies that are a higher division/tier than me I feel honored to play against them.If he plays with his main? Feels even better cause you're more cautious.If you win it feels like a real good game unlike the games where you are just killing and killing and killing. Don't get me wrong I know that the system** sometimes** goes full retard and is unfair. Good luck in the fields of justice!
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