Players should stop thinking that they must be good as korean players

I have one advice for you who're trying to be good as korean to think about why korean players are too good and what is price they pay for being too good in this game.I love them, they have amazing skill even at low elo and their level 9 can stand to most of our level 30's but there is a price they pay for being too good in this game and this price is so high.They have too strict parents who're forcing them to have good grades, and their self esteem in real life is very low because their parents put too much shame and guilt into them.Korean players are maybe best in this game but in my country there's rule if you don'r respect yourself no one is gonna respect you so if some of this korean players were in our schools he's gonna become easy target for bullying without having friends.So before you think how you must do same moves as faker with {{champion:238}} think about what's price that korean players pay for being such good.
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