i got ganked up by 4 pre mates and got BANNED !! :D

Hello guys everywhere let tell you a story of how this game is unfair and the toxic system is trash and stupid and the support team is useless yesterday i got into a Nexus Blitz solo match , 4 people playing together ganked up on me and told me to pick (supp in blitz ) i said no i want to play a mage and it's for fun after all and it's not illegal to not pick what you want, after the loading we got inside they start spamming me swearing at me tell me i am trolling and they will 4 report me for trolling . i said %%%% OFF and muted them all . in the game we start winning and it was going alright then we was going to win the 4 of them jumped into the base and suicide and we lost the game . in post game they start spamming again( troll, report , toxic ). i was like wtf i got furious and i cursed them it was disgusting ( and then one of them told me i will send a ticket to riot add me so i can see how you get banned and here is the part where i %%%% up and told him (go die) and got out of the lobby i know it's my fault but come on it was so titling . i went to the support page to submit a ticket and i wrote them a message and i said it's my fault and i apologized and they ganked up on me ...etc the response was that i got BANNED :D it was so funny that you get banned from 2 words from toxic people that spam you & curse you. i recontact the supp team again and they sent me this : . . . I am sorry to hear about your situation. :( I went ahead and checked your account and what exactly triggered your suspension to see if there is anything I can do. I understand that you feel frustrated and unjustified regarding your suspension. A 2 week suspension was placed on your account because of recent in-game behavior which created a negative experience for other players. (i like this part a lot) [[[[[["Once a suspension is placed accordingly we cannot modify or remove it under any circumstance"]]]]]]. I want you to know that negativity does not refer only to using swear words, cursing or using "bad" words, it can also contain chat spamming, placing blame on others, targeting other players, hate speech, calling for false reports and overall bringing down the morale of the team. I would like you to try and understand that we do not consider one player's actions to justify another's. Just because you've encountered negative behavior in your games, it does not give you an excuse to be negative in return. We believe all players are responsible for their own actions and each violation of the Summoner's Code is punished accordingly. You might find it easier to fight fire with fire or "defend" yourself but that does not mean that you have to respond back in the same manner. That would simply mean fighting fire with fire and that won't secure your victory, it will only create a bigger flame. I suggest simply muting them by using the in-game mute button and reporting them after the match because one report is enough to bring negative behavior to our attention. Sadly, I can not help you regarding your suspension. That decision is final and it will remain that way. I can imagine how much of a bummer it can be for you but the fact remains that you created a negative environment for others and we must own up for our faults. Keep in mind that after a two week suspension, the system becomes much more sensitive to your behavior and even the slightest misstep can result in a permanent suspension. . . . the result was that i was the one that created the negative environment for other players this is so funny :D 14 days of ban without any warning without any message or anything just banned . i hope that everyone can see how much this community sucks and the systems are bad for just one simple mistake . see you after 14 days LOL ...................
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