New Queues Solve Nothing (a minor rant about Meta-Nazi's)

{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _I'm really getting tired of this and hope Riot reads this..._ Over the past days i've been using Malzahar as a support with generally successful results, i find his ability to take most any CC and shrug it off a great barrier tool and his Voidlings make an excellent zoning spell. I even managed to get out of Bronze 5 in short time with him as my new favourite champ... then i hit a brick wall. Left right and Center i've been finding this **OMG, Malz support?! i afk/feed/troll** Players in the Dynamic Queue seem to think its quite acceptable still to bully players and threaten them with an outright loss in order to remain "Meta" even if i can back up my Wins/Losses with real evidence and not just bluster. I'm a big fan of older supports like Janna, Morgana and the like, but i think this "Must-Be-Meta" mentality needs to be addressed by riot in some way or another considering how many broken champs out there that can be used outside of thier current role are not being utilised because of would-be-game terrorists demanding you conform of face the firing squad Thoughts? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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