Permanent Banned

Hello Guys. So let me tell you guys my story of how I got "Permanent Banned" So yeah I've pasted the 3 games I got permanent banned for and I do this because I have nothing to hide. I have done really bad things and this was probably the worst I could do. Flame and blame my teammates for everything even though I was doing bad and I see that this is pretty common that people blame their teammates even though they are not playing "good" either and I was one of them. So it started of that I was playing really bad, I really wanted to get to platinum because I had been stuck in Gold 1 for like 2 months I just couldn't stand it anymore and every single time I got to gold 1 Divison up There was that one or two who just picked a champion and trolled. They even said I'm not good with this champ in champion select. This was always something that made me mad and I just couldn't stand that there was seriously some people there just trolling and not caring about the ones who are really trying to rank up. Well that was what happend and I really flamed a lot and I know that. So I got a 14 days ban. but 1-2 days before that I played some games and I did flame because I was 1-2 games away from platinum 5 and instead of that I lost all points and dropped to gold 2. I just couldn't deal with it and I've a really bad temper and I flamed and flamed which I know was probably the worst idea to do. Anyways 1-2 days before the (14 days ban) I did flame and when I got unbanned I played for about 1 month and I reached platinum and I never flamed because I tried to be as cool as possible, not writing anything at all just saying gj, bad luck and nice try. I was trying to be as positive as possible until game 2 where I got another troll who never helped in teamfights, who never wanted to help out the team and was just going solo and fighting alone and dying. I didn't mind that until I realized we could win but he just kept on and I couldn't stand it anymore, I wasn't the only one, there was another one who "flamed or blamed" him for losing our game. Also in Game 2 he afk'ed and just wanted to lose I guess. So I just couldn't deal with it anymore. So I got banned for 2 games that were before my days ban and one game after the 14 days ban. I know that everyone will say "You we're toxic and you deserve that" I can't deny that and I agree with you guys 100%. I would also say the same thing but I really don't know what to do. I haven't played league for around 7 months and I just got back and I've changed and I really know that I'm not like I used to be before I would do anything really. I would even take if Riot could unban me and instead permanent mute me or something because the only problem I have is talking but playing the game I know I can or even chat restriction 5000 games. I don't mind just something that atleast lets me play the game. I've spent years, months, weeks, days, hours playing on this account, I started somewhere around Season 2, I have spent over 1000€, I've never done something that has lead to a permanent ban before but why now? You guys have to understand please. I can look through my Game logs and I will only see toxic, I know that guys. But I've never done something like this ever before. I know that I'm not like that and I always try my best when playing this game. When being "Toxic" I don't think you should be banned because you're not playing bad just flaming alot. I think I deserve a ban but not a permanent ban that is just too much. I will seriously take anything except this ban, permanent mute, chat restriciton anything just please another chance is all I'm asking for and you guys really have to help me out! <3 You guys really need to understand my situation and I'm deeply sorry for everything I have caused. A second chance Is all im asking for._ Game 1 Blackthôrn: ze hook Blackthôrn: :D Blackthôrn: hahahahaha Blackthôrn: LOL Blackthôrn: FK Blackthôrn: .... Blackthôrn: well gj Blackthôrn: guys Blackthôrn: Flash down on renek Blackthôrn: and Im behind Blackthôrn: great Blackthôrn: lol Blackthôrn: wp guys Blackthôrn: Wow Blackthôrn: wow Blackthôrn: Diamond Blackthôrn: wow Blackthôrn: Dat instant throw Blackthôrn: well thanks for the help top diamond Blackthôrn: you just made him even more fed Blackthôrn: Fk this Blackthôrn: imma go afk Blackthôrn: bye Blackthôrn: or no Blackthôrn: nonononono Blackthôrn: no Blackthôrn: dont Blackthôrn: ward botlane Blackthôrn: and stop dying pls Blackthôrn: dragon Blackthôrn: up guys Blackthôrn: go ttp Blackthôrn: be ready Blackthôrn: ward Blackthôrn: And this diamond pro Blackthôrn: and ekko Blackthôrn: I have no idea Blackthôrn: why they start going Blackthôrn: mid Blackthôrn: when we can take drake Blackthôrn: fking hell Blackthôrn: stfu dude Blackthôrn: you are making mistake after mistake Blackthôrn: and still you can't Blackthôrn: prove by saying it Blackthôrn: you have a few kills Blackthôrn: you are not pro Blackthôrn: god bless Blackthôrn: This Diamond as he said should now better Blackthôrn: on what to do Blackthôrn: when Blackthôrn: Take top tower and end this renekton please Blackthôrn: imma stay top and just push Blackthôrn: you guys do what ever u want Blackthôrn: WHY EKKO Blackthôrn: u could back Blackthôrn: wtf Blackthôrn: ... Blackthôrn: this throw Blackthôrn: This diamond Blackthôrn: Nobody was there Blackthôrn: why engage Blackthôrn: wtf Blackthôrn: Why didnt I go jungle Blackthôrn: wtf... Blackthôrn: DIE Blackthôrn: tf Blackthôrn: can we pls ff Blackthôrn: ... Blackthôrn: I'm diamond someone once said. Blackthôrn: Im not trolling Blackthôrn: you guys are figithgn Blackthôrn: Why even fight Blackthôrn: when they are twice as strong Blackthôrn: If I'm there Blackthôrn: I wont do much either Blackthôrn: so why blame me? Blackthôrn: ekko u went Blackthôrn: like Blackthôrn: 6-2 Blackthôrn: to 8-8 Blackthôrn: and you are talking sh*t Blackthôrn: You see? Blackthôrn: Even If I was there Blackthôrn: we couldn't do anything Blackthôrn: So Am I trolling? Blackthôrn: NO Blackthôrn: Im trying to splitpush because that is the only thing I can do. Blackthôrn: You guys babysitted midlane Blackthôrn: and never came toplane to help Blackthôrn: look at him now. Blackthôrn: So get your facts straight before bullshitting me Blackthôrn: god pls. Blackthôrn: his q Blackthôrn: is like 500 metres Blackthôrn: wtf Blackthôrn: ... Blackthôrn: Report Ekko for flaming please. Blackthôrn: gg,wp Blackthôrn: you did Game 2 Blackthôrn: REport Amumu after this game. Blackthôrn: Instant thanks Blackthôrn: For afking in the champ select Blackthôrn: Now yasuo is jungle Blackthôrn: And Amumu mid Blackthôrn: That is always great Blackthôrn: Please report him Blackthôrn: your dad is Blackthôrn: this update Blackthôrn: is confusing me Blackthôrn: asf Blackthôrn: wp Blackthôrn: get rift herald Blackthôrn: it might be good Blackthôrn: i dunno Blackthôrn: yes ofc Blackthôrn: go amumu tanky Blackthôrn: ap Blackthôrn: so get rylai Blackthôrn: uhm Blackthôrn: abyssal scepter Blackthôrn: and things that gives u good armour and magic resist Blackthôrn: plus ap Blackthôrn: and hp Blackthôrn: Riven Blackthôrn: pls take it easy bro Blackthôrn: just farm Blackthôrn: if irelia gets fed Blackthôrn: I can't do much against her Blackthôrn: late game Blackthôrn: help riven Blackthôrn: Fk you guys Blackthôrn: stfu Blackthôrn: and stop talking Blackthôrn: pls Blackthôrn: You guys are getting 3 ppl Blackthôrn: to kill one fking person Blackthôrn: look Blackthôrn: botlane Blackthôrn: and midlane Blackthôrn: both turrets gone Blackthôrn: gj guys Blackthôrn: This riven Blackthôrn: is like bronze Blackthôrn: wow Blackthôrn: easiet champ Blackthôrn: and still uncapable to play her Blackthôrn: ... Blackthôrn: wp Blackthôrn: feeding irelia Blackthôrn: atleast Blackthôrn: WHY Blackthôrn: YASUO Blackthôrn: WHY Blackthôrn: ... Blackthôrn: WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS DONE Blackthôrn: TO IRELIA Blackthôrn: WTF Blackthôrn: great job yasuo Blackthôrn: again Blackthôrn: ofc Blackthôrn: getting caught Blackthôrn: gg,wp Blackthôrn: Report Riven and Amumu Blackthôrn: I mean Yasuo* Blackthôrn: sorry Blackthôrn: you guys lost it lol Blackthôrn: another teamfight like that we can win Blackthôrn: Thanks guys Blackthôrn: Go drag Blackthôrn: when we can try to end Blackthôrn: it :) Blackthôrn: Yay Blackthôrn: Nope Blackthôrn: just your damn ulti Blackthôrn: that fked us Blackthôrn: Amumu u ulted Blackthôrn: one or two person Blackthôrn: when u could get all ofthem Game 3 Blackthôrn: ward Blackthôrn: pls Blackthôrn: I wont Blackthôrn: As long as all plays it easy in their lanes Blackthôrn: we can win Blackthôrn: Just watch out from zac Blackthôrn: he is pretty tanky Blackthôrn: ward your lanes guys Blackthôrn: pls Blackthôrn: malph Blackthôrn: coming lemme take red Blackthôrn: Gg,wp Blackthôrn: Giving this Malzahar Blue Blackthôrn: is a mistake Blackthôrn: wow Blackthôrn: That was the last time atleast Blackthôrn: coming top lemme get red Blackthôrn: warded Blackthôrn: MOVE YOUR ASS Blackthôrn: ffs Blackthôrn: great Blackthôrn: attack Blackthôrn: when i back Blackthôrn: thanks for the help Blackthôrn: guys Blackthôrn: so much Blackthôrn: couldnt evne ult Blackthôrn: great Blackthôrn: imma just afk farm jungle Blackthôrn: gl with your game guys Blackthôrn: yeah yeah Blackthôrn: mute me Blackthôrn: it doesnt matter Blackthôrn: gl u guys Blackthôrn: wp Blackthôrn: OGMsf ioasndfiasnd Blackthôrn: asnfiaskfaosjf Blackthôrn: Fk thsi Blackthôrn: Kalista? Blackthôrn: I told you I wont be usefull Blackthôrn: :) Blackthôrn: Wp Blackthôrn: Nice idea guys :) Blackthôrn: Wp Blackthôrn: Take baron Blackthôrn: when they have wards Blackthôrn: and everything Blackthôrn: hahahahahahahahaha Blackthôrn: blame me Blackthôrn: lol Blackthôrn: pls go mid and end Blackthôrn: This team is flaming me asf Blackthôrn: Im tired of that sht Blackthôrn: He flashed for me Blackthôrn: wow Blackthôrn: Report Kindred Blackthôrn: Always that jungler tho Blackthôrn: This Malph started of Blackthôrn: Be usefull kindred Blackthôrn: Wtf? Blackthôrn: You know why? I choose to feed because you started by be usefull Blackthôrn: I mean coman dude? Blackthôrn: come on Blackthôrn: Thanks Morgana. Blackthôrn: Oh god. Blackthôrn: Morgana I love you <3 Blackthôrn: Thanks Blackthôrn: I was sitting top Blackthôrn: Waiting for him to engage and do something Blackthôrn: When I back he uses his ulti Blackthôrn: Ik morgana Blackthôrn: But he could till engage?
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