how to avoid chat restrict 100%

dont use %%%%ing chat,i said multiple times and its been proven,if u talk too much u get chat restricted,u cant deny that,make a new account,talk alot for 3 games and guess what,CHAT RESTRICTED BOI.the worst thing is they stack ur chatlog from multiple games,ANOTHER REASON NOT TO USE CHAT.dont follow ur trash team,this is comming from over 5 times permabanned guy which kept doing same mistakes which is using chat and following my teammate's calls which would lead me to die and then i would flame them what they could do better and then we would start arguing and ofc im the one getting punished,so DONT USE CHAT TO COMMUNICATE WITH APES,NOT WORTH IT,IF U CAN SEE EVERYONE WHO IS HONOR 5 IS LITERALLY BARELLY USING CHAT,ONLY FOR GG WP,GJ AND THATS IT,AND U SEE IF THEY USE IT,THEY GET CHAT RESTRICTED. Dont follow ape's calls,they will let u die,i prooved this multiple times to myself,i play solo duo, literally SOLO,only for myself,and i dont die,and when i listen to some ape's call,i follow them and i die.If you play solo without listening or following anybody and you die,atleast you know its ur mistake then and u cant blame anyone about it. downovote this i really dont care,just hard truth going on here.
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