I've heard people say worse things

I got perma banned for flame when bots were better than my team :). In-Game Mazginoo: amumu Mazginoo: come top Mazginoo: ffs Mazginoo: get rift Mazginoo: what the ufck Mazginoo: are u doing Mazginoo: ff Mazginoo: this game Mazginoo: AMUMU Mazginoo: COME TOP Mazginoo: RIFRT Mazginoo: FB TOWER Mazginoo: FFS Mazginoo: MAN THE %%%%ING JUNGÖLERS Mazginoo: IN THIS ELO Mazginoo: COME Mazginoo: RIFT Mazginoo: now Mazginoo: est Mazginoo: %%%%ING Mazginoo: AMMUUY Mazginoo: INB THE GMAE Mazginoo: botlane Mazginoo: 24/7 Mazginoo: NOW THEY GET Mazginoo: FB TOWERT Mazginoo: TOP Mazginoo: gg Mazginoo: I swear Mazginoo: I will report Mazginoo: u all Mazginoo: u all suck %%%%ing cock Mazginoo: I'M GOLD Mazginoo: %%%%%% Mazginoo: u are silver Mazginoo: YUES Mazginoo: I should Mazginoo: have had the first tower Mazginoo: nerd Mazginoo: ur banning Mazginoo: ur carry Mazginoo: dog Mazginoo: I'm telling u this botlane can only talk Mazginoo: WHAT Mazginoo: THE FUICK Mazginoo: IS AMUMU Mazginoo: DPOINGBOT Mazginoo: ez Mazginoo: AND SENNA Mazginoo: GO BOT Mazginoo: PUSH IT OUT Mazginoo: ARE U %%%%%%S Mazginoo: ff Mazginoo: I swear Mazginoo: I go afk Mazginoo: ff Mazginoo: ff Mazginoo: U all have legit been doing absolotely nothiung Mazginoo: this while Mazginoo: game Mazginoo: LVL 8 Mazginoo: SENJNA Mazginoo: SHUT THE %%%% Mazginoo: UP Mazginoo: ff Mazginoo: ¨ Mazginoo: :) Mazginoo: this is exactly why you are Mazginoo: silver Mazginoo: or bronze Mazginoo: dont mind Mazginoo: gg, bot team
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