Completely unfair 14 day suspension

BadAdc123: report ashe for racism and hate speech BadAdc123: she called me a %%%%%% %%%got BadAdc123: not true BadAdc123: do i max Q or E BadAdc123: low mana BadAdc123: double kill secure haha BadAdc123: xD BadAdc123: gj BadAdc123: mb BadAdc123: its nida doing all the damage BadAdc123: i will ult her BadAdc123: just ashe things <3 BadAdc123: wth panth BadAdc123: i gave you redemption adn you dodged BadAdc123: lol BadAdc123: xD BadAdc123: well I got banned for 14 days for this. This stupid automated system is a complete joke. Ashe called me a n*gger f*ggot in the pregame lobby and I got banned for 14 days because I said those 2 words in game. You can't expect me to accept this ban in any way. Ps: I made a ticket already but I had to post this in the forums because I know riots support is complete garbage and I will only get a bot saying bans are never lifted and bla bla bla. it's completely unfair to be banned by this when I didnt insult anyone, I don't flame and I got banned for only this damn game. I want my ban to be lifted as soon as possible as it obviously is unfair. You can just see my messages and they are not negative at all Proof that it's not a faked chat log
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