Appreciate what is given to you. Grab those opportunities. (ADVICE)

I was going to post this as a comment to another post, but then I thought "I might as well make this a post" You know, people for a long time now have been posting left and right about how toxicity is ruining the game and stuff like that. When you play league, a lot of things are thrown at you consistently, most of it being negative. A lot of negative energy is flowing through the rift, as people rage about how bad their teammates are, how they don't deserve to be matched with players who by their standards have no skill, you know the usual stuff. But then every now and again something good is thrown at you, maybe a nice team, a couple of funny teammates, maybe it's even someone from the enemy team who might be complimenting you on your skill or is saying things that is making you laugh, it makes you feel good right? You instantly forget about the negative experiences you had in the past because you are having such a good time while playing this particular game. Now let me ask you one question. Why do you discard those people so quickly without considering to add them to your close to empty friendlist? Those people who made you enjoy your game are the people who you need in your life to make your league experience much better! Why would you just move on without adding them!? You know damn well that finding cool people in-game is hard as hell. All you do is cry and complain but when you get the oportunity to change things around and actually start improving your own league experience you refuse to grab the oportunity! Why? All you need to do is click one button and await for them to accept or refuse your request. I have made this mistake myself so many times and ended up regretting it. Do yourself a favor, add people who you consider to be nice and those who you think could help you improve your own gameplay, you might just get a friend who sticks around, who knows, You don't need to roam through the rift on your own, the game is a lot more fun when you have some people you know with you. So don't just discard those sorts of people. I personally have a lot of good memories with random people I used to play with and to this day I'm still making good memories and new League friends to play with even if it's just one person, it makes the game a lot more different and it actually becomes fun to play. There is nothing but positives to be obtained by making league friends so don't be a dummy and the next time you find someone who you are enjoying to play with, add them, play with them often, see if it's worth it, if not move on and find someone else. This is just some personal advice I wanted to throw out there for those who need it and find it usefull, you can't complain about something if you aren't trying to do anything to fix it. Have a great week and I hope to see you on the Rift!
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