Do I loose my Gold border over this?

Game 1 In-Game CometCooper: hmmmm CometCooper: bullshit CometCooper: thresh CometCooper: your split xp CometCooper: is kinda %%%%ing me over CometCooper: lol CometCooper: go jungle farm CometCooper: im level 6 still CometCooper: yeah hardly my fault lmao CometCooper: your playing thresh jungle CometCooper: like you want to feed or something dude CometCooper: feels bad CometCooper: yeah coz your not gonna do anything anyway at this point CometCooper: I will coz im riven CometCooper: lmao CometCooper: and you building lethality CometCooper: how am i toxic CometCooper: lmao CometCooper: i didnt flame thresh though CometCooper: i told him to go farm his jungle instead of soaking my xp CometCooper: calls me a %%%%ing %%%% CometCooper: alright dude CometCooper: this zed is a funny guy CometCooper: still building lethality i see CometCooper: sure thats gonna be useful against sion CometCooper: buy a dominiks then CometCooper: your braindead idiot CometCooper: what the hell is 30 lethality gonna do against a sion CometCooper: with like CometCooper: 220 armor CometCooper: silly goose CometCooper: this zed thinks you build lethality against sions with 200 armor omegalol CometCooper: from the legit start of the gaem CometCooper: i have a cleaver CometCooper: lmao CometCooper: yeah and your smart CometCooper: huuhhhh build lethality against sion CometCooper: %%%%ing genius dude CometCooper: well done CometCooper: like i care CometCooper: i have thresh jungle CometCooper: and a zed who doesnt know how to itemize CometCooper: yeah yeah your not arsed till your the one losing CometCooper: stfu with the its just a game meme dude CometCooper: your all gamers dont act like you dont care CometCooper: yikesd CometCooper: lul zed playing zed for win CometCooper: says anyone ever to make an argumentally correct statement CometCooper: hindsight is great CometCooper: gg CometCooper: cant break a wall with your fist CometCooper: shut up nerd CometCooper: :( CometCooper: %%%%ing right i did CometCooper: %%%%ing nerd CometCooper: just end already im %%%%ing bored man CometCooper: all the armor penetration in the world doesnt do anything to sion CometCooper: coz 6k hp sions arent fun CometCooper: lol CometCooper: just league dude CometCooper: one team isnt having fun one is CometCooper: they want to kill everyone so bad CometCooper: because theyd rather stall the game to mindlessly kill CometCooper: arent you a cool kid CometCooper: just ff CometCooper: stop giving them fuel CometCooper: for fun CometCooper: why would i build blade CometCooper: no good on riven CometCooper: why would i build a recurve bow CometCooper: will you actually stop trying to find an argument CometCooper: %%%%ing grow up CometCooper: thank you CometCooper: %%%% me CometCooper: yeah well no i dont %%%% neckbeards soz CometCooper: too bad you cant stall forever So I get chat restriction for 5 games, like I appreciate I don't get the Victorious Skin whatever, nor any other rewards, but am I literally stripped from the border because of a chat restriction? To wait till next year for another chance? Lol? Also just saying, this is some weak ban I've seen much much worse flame with no repercussions (reported racism and homophobia myself, got no ban notification)

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