Criers in normal games

I get annoyed every time i see some player say like "i can't play jungle i suck" and i say "Stop crying and play theres everytime first time how you're gonna play ranked if you haven't learned to play each role i'll guide you and you'll maybe do well no one knows".After game i add him as friend and tell him about it how he'll never succeed if he's afraid of falture as i know from life that you can't succeed if you didn't fail "only one who never tried never failed".No one has born to know each role and normal blind and draft games are purpose that to master each role before you go to play ranked.I didn't knew what is purpose of support or tank or jungle and why is important for adc to have most cs in team but i learned as i played.That's the reason i hate when in normal games especially on low levels i have salty smurfs who are going to flame anyone doing bad and they cause players stick to one role instead of learning each role and trying to be best in one.Worse than being salty and flaming for having bad game they tend to be also greedy and waiting for teammate to die because they are afraid of him taking "his kill".He was playing warwick and he did a decent for a starter who played jungle for first time.
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