Sick and tired of these 35 - 40 death match games.

Every single god damn time my team is ahead like 10 kills, they just go full retard. EVERY TIME! Every single win is a struggle, not because the game is going even, but because 1v5 is fun. Every single advantage is thrown twice before actually winning the game. Both sides. I can't even remember the last time I played a game where it was like 15-2 or something. Nobody ever takes towers. Nobody ever groups. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Seriously. Literally every win lately has been the result of the enemy team going 1v5 like 20 times before losing the game. As in, they could have won but threw the game for no reason. And every single loss has been caused by 4 retards in my team going 1v5 one by one like 20 times after being in a massive lead. Why is it so hard to end the game when massively ahead? People would rather start feeding and then flame the team than grouping and ending the game. Just fucking blows my mind.
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