25 game chat restrict and 14 day ban 1 game later

Got flamed by my whole team, was pretty sad, they all reported me but I move on. I start another game, I get into the game and... chat restrict. RN I'm almost crying (I just played with 4 ppl flaming me wishing I die and stuff like that, and I get chat restrict for trying to defend myself). Its a 25 game chat restrict, Im sad and angry, I say smth like ff15 and I cry about my last game and me getting chat restrict for it. I end the game, get flamed again, get reported again. 14 day ban. So I literally didin't even get notification about my 25 game chat restrict, didn't know I have it and went in the game which made me even more titled, and I'm expected to suddenly behave that game. In 2 games I went from a while ago 10 game chat restrict to 25 chat restrict and 14 day ban. Really? 14 days is so long that I will probably stop playing the game forever and what I will remember as the reason is defending from everyone flaming me... shouldn't there be like 1 game shield or smth if you just went from bad game, got restrict without a notification?...
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