GG, league of legends ranked game becomes into "League of selfish noobs"

yeah, i m toxic, i talk much, but unlike those guys who never talk but "mute and reported" they have no idea how to play, they dont take responsiblities, they dont give a fuck about win or lose in ranked, i mean u losers why even come into this game? sec acc permabanned because i pointed out what those noobs did in that game, but no. i m the on who gets punished, no one else. why? because i talk, i hurt them by point out what they ve done wrong. I mean, u guys always keep shit talking "grow up, kid, are u 12?" i mean who is really 12 year old here? the one who can play, and wants to win, advice the others? or the one who dont give a fuck, keep being selfish and have 0 skills? this shit EUW league ranked game become to "i can do shit, u cant talk. u talk i ll report u". it makes me no strange why i can match somebody like more than 5 or 10 min. cuz its losing the real players, what left are noobs or really smurfs who is already above diamond. and 2 acc stucked in Plat 2 and gets premaban, just because those guys think they are good, actually they are nothing but a selfish kid, who got a fragile heart. welcome to the league of noobs

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