tolerance policy by riot

So, i start playing lol after 5 years or so. Things are even worse than what it was. 2 out of my 4 last games i was playing 3v5! It wasn't ranked, but still. I spend time in this game to have fun and do my best for my team. Why riots' policy is tolerance with leavers and ruiners? I honestly can't understand it. Last 4 games 3vs5, fantastic. There are people who ruin more than 50% of their games and still they won't get a perma ban. That's not right. I'll go back in dota 2 and start playing witcher 3. This game is pure cancer. I m not talking about bad players, but for ruiners, afkers etc. And for those who will ask for proof, here it is. 2 of my last 4 games. And these are not the exception, but what happends mostly in about 30-50% of games. Gj riot, gj
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