Im a Toxic Player

Ive been playing LoL for quite a while now and am decent at the game. it has slowly become a part of my life that i care about and enjoy. There is one problem though, I am a toxic player. I am a normal player when it comes to stats, i have bad games and good games, S ranks and C ranks,you name it. But i cant control myself when i play bad or i just have a bad game. I flame. Its barely ever my teammates, and mostly an enemy with an advantage over me or one that just killed me. I say awful things, like genuinely bully type and bad person things and i feel horrible, but i cant stop. I have anger issues irl but when it comes to league it goes so far, way too far. i want to stop but i cant, i realize how bad what im saying is but i dont stop even though i want to. I made this to ask for some help and advice, and to know if anyone has gone through anything similar. Any serious help is appreciated and i apologize to the entire community for having to put up with my scummy talk. apologies and love. -A toxic player
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