So sick of being verbally abused and harassed as jungler

I'm tired of this. I have already had a recent chat restriction after people just get right under my skin with their constant harassment and insults because I the jungler am not single handedly ganking every damn lane simultaneously. Because when I gank I take the kills when I can, which is clearly ksing ... even though I just went out of my fucking way, and stopped farming my fucking jungle to help you. Laners are so god damn toxic, nothing is ever their own god damn fault, these egotistical pricks think the whole fucking game revolves around them. If we loose, guess what, report the jungler. I am being reported because we as a team failed and lost the game. And as you can tell, I am infuriated with this consistent behavior towards me, and now I am sinking down to the level of these toxic players. In my last game alone I said things, that by all rights, I should never have said and I am appalled at my self. What do? Let's face it, the majority of you will now tell me to mute them and get on with it, but I can't. Communication is key to winning team games, and I mean real communication beyond just pings here and there. If you are reading this and you happen to main a lane role. Next time you feel like blaming the jungler for everything, just fucking remember that we are here to help YOU win your lane. If you died to ganks, that is on you, wards are available to everyone. If you are being dived, then leave the turret, they will get it anyway. But for the love of all that is holy, FUCK OFF with your report jungler comments. All it does is put more pressure on us and make us play worse.
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