haha i got banned for 3rd time in 1 month with no reason .. Riot go play tetris :|

i want ask a question ... is riot realy stupid enough to ban a person 105 ranked game ban and 225 chat ban in just 1 month ??? what did i do ?? plzzzz look my match history .. most of games in ranked i have +15/-5/+10 .... i dont flame ... maybe sometimes got angry from someone but no flame ... whats THe FUKING REASON TO BAN ME ??? FOR THIRD TIME ???????????? i got banned 3 FUking TIME IN 30 day :O :O :O oh god .. if u believe in such thing like god i hope u will learn justice from him .... i wanted bring a suit against RIOT etc ... becuz they dont care about us .. they realy dont care about real justice ... they just one some money from our RP purchase .. shame on u riot .. i see plenty of nooob flamer feeder troollerr toxic players in bronze ... in ranked !!!! ... and this fuking nooob system dont ban them .. just ban some one who had ban time before that is not justice at all ... its totally racist ... like said all black ppl are guilty cuz maybe sometimes in childhood they steal an apple :| i got 105 rank ban and 225 chat man during 30 days .. plz chek my match history .. if im feeder or troller who need to be ban .. just tell me .. i will quite lol for ever ... but plz dont ban with no FUKING REASON :O ... my time is not some bullshittt thing ... i dont have time to do 35 normal draft again .... plz some one who can do something answer me ... i dont want discuss about my feelings .. i just want JUSTICE !!! at the end im sry for my language and aggressive tone ... sometimes i just going to have hurt attack .. just becuz these odd things coming up
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