I'm Thinking To Quit League...After playing with several trolls...

I'm Undeadfool , and I'm thinking of quitting League because of the people trolling...I don't know what's wrong with League ultimately but seems like they're not interested to do something with the people who's trolling...After several years playing League I must say that nowadays there are a lot of people who is being premade and trolling in games...Just to say that before , when League hadn't so many players there weren't almost any trolls...but nowadays they are so many...HOW CAN THIS GAME BE SO UNFAIR ? Why am I forced to play a 30 minute game with some trolls ? Tell me ! When you can see other games that they don't have trolls ! THIS GAME IS GOING IN A BAD WAY in my opinion...Riot please I beg you , do something with the trolls...#LEAGUEISNOTFUNANYMORE (Sorry for my bad English). -Undeadfool {{champion:32}} {{summoner:3}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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