EUNE players opinion on Polish players

A lot of league players are bad and they don't understand it, and some of them are bad and know it and accept it (i suck :3), but even though i didn't get a suspension or chat restriction in quite a while, it seems others haven't either, and i don't mean the ocassional swearing like f*ck, sh*t and such, no, people telling other people to die, like in my last game, when a riven told our jungle to go to auschwitz, none of my family died in ww2 that i know of, and i'm not polish, but something needs to be done about the "polish players suck" stereotypes, and about this case especially.,xBuTXuU#1 Thank you for your patience reading this, it's sad when people act like this just becouse they died in a videogame :)
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