"I don't care, this is my smurf account"

To every player who does this in ranked, who the flying %%%% do you think you are? You're telling me that you'd unironically waste half an hour of your life just to ruin someone else' chances of climbing the ladder, and soil his gaming experience, and only because you're aware that there is currently no repercussion for it? And to Riot, to think that this game of yours is a DECADE OLD, and that you've STILL yet to implement a punishment for this particular offense of your OWN RULES AND TERMS OF AGREEMENT speaks volumes of you. Do you, as a company, really think that it's our pleasure to be paired up with people who will hold the game hostage for as long as possible, because you're to lenient to punish the number one source of negativity in the game? Also, congratulations on giving types like Tarzaned ONLY two weeks of suspension for WINTRADING, while you unironically punish "no-name" players with permanent bans because they wrote "%%%% you" a few times in their account' history.
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