Got perma banned for something I did not say.

I woke up today informed I have been perma banned.I tried.....everything. I contacted the lol support but they could not do anything so I am in a big ripporuni. On the perma ban info This was said: Game 1 In-Game Kellerg100: q Kellerg100: gj Kellerg100: DRAVENNNN Kellerg100:Draven %%% Kellerg100: draven is hardest adc to play Kellerg100: you try to play him Kellerg100: %%% I have NEVER tipped this or have been toxic like this in a videogame My friend has a password to my acc but I checked my history and there were no games played after my game. I have no idea what happened but what I know is that those words have never been tipped by me or my friends. If u have been in this situation plz let me know so we can figure this out. Ty for your attention.

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