Toxic people in 3 out of 3 games (Now more than one toxic player per match!)

I'm tired of this community. In my last 3 games today I had 4 toxic people in total, this is getting out of hand. I wonder why my toxic friends don't get banned (they're pretty toxic and I make sure to report them after every game) and they haven't received a chat restriction in ages, well one of them is in a 14-day ban, but the two other guys, nothing. Someone told me a friend of him created an account and started death threatening everyone, wishing people to get diseases and dead parents to anyone. He hasn't still been banned. This makes me sad, and a game that I actually like is getting infested by toxicity (this isn't a new thing, toxicity has been a main feature in LoL for seasons) I really hope that Riot start to punish more toxic people and certainly clean this game, because it's a nightmare to have to stand being flamed **every single game** because one guy didn't like what you did or disagrees with your playstyle. I make sure to mute these people, but you can't mute pings, and my last match included a Veigar that pinged the nearest person to him everytime he got caught, even when he got instakilled in the jungle and no one could help his mind we had to flash, heal him, exhaust and stun the guy while instakilling him and letting the killing blow to Lord Veigar. Sad. I don't have to be harassed when Riot's supposed to punish this behaviour. I really don't see why they're so permissive with this. If you post a quote from these flamers in any social media I'm sure your account will be banned and deleted, but not in LoL, where you ruin someone else's game by doing so. I'm leaving this game for a while, I'm certainly tired of the community. See ya people.
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