Rankeds with Smurfs

Hey there, this is something which bothers me for while now. I'm currently Plat 2 in EUW (after dropping from Plat 1 0LP cause I lost one game at that mark) and my goal is to reach finally diamond. So, my problem here is the amount of smurfs I encounter on my road to diamond. In every game I get a minium of atleast 2 smurfs and it's annoying. I mean, right, I can learn from their playstyle etc. and most of the time i even can deal with them in the laning phase. But most of the time other teammates get completely crushed on the lane and in the game itself from smurfs. It wouldnt even bother me if it wouldnt be the same every game and even stronger in promos. And how I can tell that they re smurfs? Most of the time between lvl 32 - 42 and about 70-90% winrate with always good stats. It makes it so much harder to climb to diamond than it actually is. Most of the time i play against other diamond 4 players anyways and can keep up good. Maybe Riot should implement a system which adresses ingame stats and winrates instead of mmr, since mmr is obviously not working when i encounter smurfs every game with my 50% winrate. There are enough smurfs out there to create 5v5 smurf ranked games and let the casual players play against equivalent players. Then, after I even loose my plat promo to plat 1 to smurfs i need to win against them to even get back into promo just to loose my promo games against other smurfs AGAIN. Its just annoying and takes all the fun (if i had any, its enough to look at my botlane to loose motivation) from playing ranked. But thanks for reading and the attention, hope to read some comments about this.
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