Solo Queue is not worth the grind for Plat+

Im playing only 3 champions at SoloQ, im playing only 1 lane, im looking for guides and counters. I got from gold2 0 LP to Promos for Plat in 1 day winning almost all my games. Then the disaster had already begun following 6 loses in a row. Repeating the same steps that helped me to climb, i got in those games only toxic players, inters and trashtalkers. Muting was easy but when it comes to see somebody feeding on purpose in 6 games, you start losing your patience and you perform worse (yes, i took a break after my second defeat). Many say that "If you are good, you will climb" but how good enough to make your teammates stop inting or being toxic? I got a Katarina that was spamming "FF15", an enemy Garen the called me boosted ape because i was winning the lane against him while our Ezreal had 1/11 and i was getting camped. I stole even their Baron and because of that we got an advantage of 2 mins until our Ezreal went alone in the teamfights killing himself on purpose. After, we got a Yasuo that was building Wits End having 1/13 score, one Karthus that had 3/13 and a Pyke with a 3/16. My scores were about 10/4 or even 17/1 if they had an inter, yet you keep losing your patience during your games and it makes it even less worth climbing. I followed every single guide ,i tryharded for a day and i won almost all my games, and my reward? I big "No No" by my teammates.I had bad games too, but at least i could keep playing safe under my turret and not getting dived by their jungler. SoloQ is the worst experience in the entire League and it's not safe or worth the time grinding it.
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