Please implement the feature to disable the chat

been playing this game for a hefty amount of years now, and ever since i started, the demand from friends and foes alike was the same, to disable the chat, so that they dont have to deal with the toxicity of some of the other players, and thus in turn avoiding to become toxic themselves, thus not risking to get banned. And now that you guys got your ban system somewhat in check, adding in something like this would be mostly beneficial to the game. And i know that the social part of the game is very essential to the game, but enjoying the game increases alot when no one types, instead of having them constantly degrading you. Most of the time nowdays i start the game with the /muteall, because it actually becomes enjoyable to play, and not some sort of sadistic play to turn you into a masochist that wants the toxicity. But sometimes you play with friends who dont have any way to use a voice chat (though discord, skype, teamspeak, etc) you gotta still have that chat available in case they need to ask you about a build or something. We all know what this game can do to ones behavior and mood if constantly faced with toxicity, so having the feature to just completely get rid of the imminent chance of toxicity being thrown at you constantly, would be much appreciated.

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