Undeserved permaban

I was playing a game the other day and after the game finished I received a permaban on my account that I have been playing for years, own all the champions and have around 150 skins on. I got this ban for arguing with a team member in 1 game that flamed me because he lost lane and I was the jungler. I am not a toxic player and never said anything extreme or offensive, it was just the typical arguing that I have seen many other people do and not got any punishment for. Sure you should not argue with other players on your team but surely a permaban for my actions is unreasonable and I would appreciate if this could be changed to a chat ban or shorter ban period. Here is the chat log from game that got me banned check for your self do you really think this is worthy of a permaban on an account i have spent so much time and money on? https://gyazo.com/da8954fa4aaece0d31c07b2cc2d2d5ec https://gyazo.com/380c18034fe5cd2ea9c20eb82b75cde7 https://gyazo.com/744dcd0a706b1c594087563394a83457

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