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Where should i start. Ill start with that. My personality is kind mad as a person. I dont care. I just saw my 7-8th? dont remember account getting baned now for 14 days. Im not going to say "omg not my fault" i dont care. What i care is, its 2018 and you still ban people for verbal. only from that you lost in the last 3-4 years over 1.000.000 players. and most of them(inside ill say me eather) totaly good players. You know. Its a game. Yes while you play everything in game exept of Ranked games. Ranked is where most people spend most of time to be better as a players and if they can or imagine it be a pro( i never think about it even as an old diamond player) . The point is. ok you want to make improves, but you always destroy more and more with your stupid thoughts the game. And as a player from Season 1, i remember all videos all edits all changes , everything. i remember at season 3 when you show up like a NASA and you said the players that after 3 years you finally found a way to stop Verbal players. Yes im talking about muting chat. Done. Nothign more. There was no need for even ban for 1 game chat after that. As long as you protect noobs feeders trollers and stupid trash people, you should think about it also. Im not gona get any point, while everythjign as community team you going to say or anything , because you are wrong what ever you say. The game belongs to you. The gameplay on players. When a game starts, you stop being the "Ruler" of the game. You dont have the power or somthing , and if you do this is under human rights. So, after the 7-8th account, im going to stop this trash game, and hope everyone is going to stop it in the next 2-3 years and i really hope to see Riot as LOL to be deleted as a game bacuse of no one playing it. i never was dota player and i will not be, but i really hope if anyone wants to play MOBA to transfer to dota or smthing. League has been trash last 3 years. I wanted also to wish cancers but i wont. i will just name the trash cancers of my last game and leave it be. [redacted] - Lulu at my team. Report reason: Because i stayed at base and saying the word "fkajcing game and facking end"...hmm really reason to ban ah? xd [redacted] - Katarina at my team. : Report me because i said her she is cancer. But offcurse when at exacly 4:16 of the game she has 10 creeps and 0-4 score against zed, and also not communicating with team. at 4:32 zed was bot and kill both me and fortune from nowhere. [redacted] - Enemy pantheon : Report reason: Because i said them to end the game, and fkacing push a single lane to end it in about 10 min and not in 21 min we did. What should i say for this guy? just hope he will get a serius accident in real life and at least be in bed for 1-2 years just to get his lesson. I dont know who other reported me. But i dont really care. Have a good life. And for you at the community, ill only hope in future, if not you, some of your family(kids or smthing) get the same acting from other people, like you acting like trash people to other people for a game. Peace
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