Negative meta players

Even tho my stats are looking like that, what's your problem with me playing Kayle support? Her kit has Slow, Heal (double sided,OP) and an invulnerability shield with AOE damage. Why are my adcs so determined to go afk or start flaming and griefing each time they see kayle support? They blame every of their mistake on YOU, they die, they blame. Tell me, what other support can make you WATCH THE MAP. Does it make you feel better to die near a Janna/Nami/Lulu support than a Kayle? What if im a meta creator? Winning games as Kayle support takes inhuman efforts, because everyone instantly gets negative over it! It's not my pick's fault you lose mid or top in minute 2!!!! GET A CLUE! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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